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ULMA Handling Systems

Juan Jesús Alberdi

Juan Jesús Alberdi

Managing Director of ULMA Handling Systems


"Innovation, is more than a commitment, it is an obligation we are responsible for as a Logistics Engineering Company"

We form part of the ULMA Business group which focuses its business and operations on areas such as Architectural Solutions, Agriculture, Forklift trucks, Construction, Conveyor Components, Packaging and Piping.

We have a team of 300 professionals, experience and know-how accumulated over more than 30 years.

  • Gaizka Andollo

    Computer Engineer

    "The keystone of our organisation is our personal and professional commitment to our clients"
  • Ane Beitia


    "Our human resources at ULMA are our best asset"
  • Mikel Altuna

    Innovation Director

    "Logistics 4.0 is already a reality"
  • Nacho Ortiz

    Baggage Handling line Director

    "We have our own 7,000m2 plant for designing and producing our products"
  • Itziar Arrieta

    Computer Engineer

    "Our business is reinforced by a management strategy based on continuous improvement"
  • Maikel Tome

    Implementing Technician

    "We promote a cooperative and competitive organisation"
  • Mari Carmen Zumalde

    Studies and Offers

    "Our analytical processes are a fundamental part of the engineering and innovation proposal that we offer"
  • Iñigo Jauregi

    Integrated Solutions line Director

    "The best way of ensuring that the engineering project is efficient is to have a previous and complete understanding of the client’s needs"
  • Josu Aiastui

    Technical engineer

    "Our objective is to help businesses grow"
  • Edurne Galdos

    Information Systems

    "We contribute to sustainable development and respect for the environment as an example of efficiency and a guarantee of the future"
  • David Garcia

    ULMA France director

    "We offer today what the market will demand tomorrow"
  • Amaia San Miguel

    Studies and Offers

    "We have an innovative approach, which is the distinctive sign of our model of management, commitment and expression of service to society"
  • Iker Otegui

    Computer Engineer

    "The concept of re-engineering is one of our features that defines us as an Integral Logistics Engineering Company"
  • Naiara Campo


    "We support the companies that are committed to improving their future"
  • Remy Leveque

    Sales Manager ULMA France

    "We work to improve the logistics of small, medium and large-size companies"
  • Edurne Unzueta


    "Innovation is part of our corporate essence"


Synergies joining force

Since we started out, we have maintained constant collaboration with DAIFUKU, the Japanese company which is the global leader in the sector.

The collaboration between both companies has entailed the exchange of knowledge, experiences, equipment and systems which include a range of automated products for Automatic manufacturing and distribution (FA/DA).

Over the years, both our company and economic performance shows the stregthening of this partnership which even today continues to share resourses, knowledge, new challenges and eagerness.


  • 1984
    The old company OINAKAR signed an agreement with the Japanese company DAIFUKU, world leader in the sector, thus creating the current ULMA Handling Systems.
  • 1990
    The first automatic facilities were developed and we began to increase our customer portfolio.
  • 1997
    We became international by installing warehouses in Brazil, France and Italy.
  • 2000
    We opened new offices and subsidiaries in France, The Netherlands, Barcelona, Valencia...
  • 2006
    ULMA Handling Systems inaugurated new facilities in Oñati.
  • 2008
    We began our Baggage Handling activity by acquiring a leading national company in logistics projects for baggage handling.
  • 2011
    We started up a new 7.000m2 production and innovation plant.
  • 2014
    We opened up a new subsidiary in Chile focused on the health sector and extended our network of collaborators to Brasil, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, Rusia, India,Indonesia...

ULMA today and tomorrow

Committed to innovation

As part of our constant innovation strategy, at ULMA Handling Systems we have a production and prototype centre which houses, in turn, a test tower and a show room area.

The project was created with the aim of providing added value to the production processes of ULMA Handling Systems, reducing production costs and increasing profitability ratios.

At ULMA we are constantly evolving and anticipating logistics systems of the future.


Social, economic and environmental

We protect people and look after our environment as part of our responsiblity as a cooperative.


At ULMA we want to contribute to creating a more prosperous, fairer and healthier society for both current generations and future ones.

Our human capital is our greatest asset and its health and safety, our priority concern.

We combine our efforts to improve the working environment, focusing on such sensitive issues as health and physical integrity of persons.


The basis of our corporate strategy is to create a balance between economic success and social wellbeing in a manner compatible with environmental sustainability.

To do this, we conduct proactive management that allows the integration of environmental criteria in the design and implementation phases of the project throughout its lifecycle.

We design equipment with recyclable materials that have a high percentage of recovery, use fuel-efficient motors, energy efficient systems and energy regeneration systems.


Excellence, sustainability and active concern for people.
Thanks to the trust our customers place in us, we are able to grow together.

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Our on-going improvement practices are based on the European Business Excellence Model (EFQM), which has enabled us to obtain the Silver Q for Quality.

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Total Quality

To improve our company and increase our customer satisfaction, we are UNE EN 9001:2015 compliant.

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Health and Safety

Our efforts to protect our human assets by guaranteeing their health and safety are certified under the OSHAS 18001:2007.

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At ULMA we make a concerted effort to make good use of energy resources and avoid contamination. Our commitment is recognised by the ISO 14001:2015

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