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An ergonomic, assisted bulk or load units picking system

What is the Comfort Pal, the ergonomic picking system?

This picking system is characterised by its efficiency, high flow and ergonomic set up, in which the operator can pick the order intuitively and by visualising the products that need to be palletised on the screen.

Its design means that operations requiring the handling of very heavy products are no longer necessary, and it has mechanisms to adjust the height guaranteeing optimal working conditions for the operators.

With the Comfort Pal logistics system and solution, the products that have to be picked can be previously sequences in strict picking order or without any strict sequence.

It has an ergonomic industrial design, making it comfortable for a more productive environment and ensuring that the operators do not have to move unnecessarily and facilitating replacements in the shop.

Benefits of the Comfort Pal, the ergonomic picking system:

  • Ergonomic
  • Productivity/Efficiency

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