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Logistical speed and efficiency in picking systems

What is a FSS/SQS system?

This picking equipment, designed with a dual mast, consists of a robot that travels horizontally in a corridor, guided by a lower and upper rail. It can also move vertically to position itself in front of a location on a shelving rack to enter or remove the load.

It is designed to load/unload products simultaneously allowing maximum flows of more than 300 boxes/hour.

The robot’s extraction system has a double fork and a method for repositioning the fork that permits optimal grouping of products. In addition, it has conveyor belts that softly deposit the load, permitting simultaneously transfer of incoming/outbound materials.

The FSS/SQS picking system guarantees exact precision in detecting the position of the shelf and has advanced braking and acceleration curve techniques in the design.

Benefits of FSS/SQS systems:

  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Compact storage
  • Silent
  • Advanced control techniques

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FSS/SQS - Logistical speed and efficiency
FSS/SQS - Advanced control techniques
FSS/SQS - Picking systems FSS - Automated storage

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