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Ideal for rapidly growing or volatile e-commerce applications and projects that require a very short implementation phase.

The stow e.scala® is a scalable, fully automated robotic goods-to-person order fulfillment system. With stow e.scala® conveyors, lifts and sequencers become a thing of the past. The stow e.scala® robots move in all 3 dimensions via a ramp system.

The special feature of stow e.scala® lies in the simple scalability of the system, both in capacity and performance, high robustness, reliability and uptime performance as well as extraordinary flexibility for a wide variety of applications.

The stow e.scala® design enables automated storage and order fulfilment for even the smallest applications of tote-compatible products.

Thanks to the highly standardized design, stow e.scala® easily adapts and grows along with your operation without much planning effort. Capacity can be increased by simply adding additional storage modules and performance by using additional robots.


  • Transport in 3 dimensions
  • Configurable storage density
  • Entry-level technology for warehouse automation
  • Automated sequencing
  • Uptime performance guarantee
  • 100% performance 24/7
  • Climate control
  • Operational application diversity
  • Innovative design
  • Tote handling flexibility
  • Noise reduction
  • Load bearing capacity

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