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Storage and medication dispensing solutions

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Health logistics
Health logistics
Health logistics Storage and medication dispensing solutions Pneumatic tube Vertical carousel
Health logistics Pneumatic tube - Optimal transport AGV - Self-guiding vehicle

Our health logistics services offer a set of actions developed for the provision of an effective medical service to the patient

Within the many activities covered are acquisition, receipt, storage and distribution processes for the different inputs and medications used to maintain the services provided by a health centre

At ULMA Handling Systems we cover the whole chain of supply in the sector of health logistics, adapting fully to the needs in each case and offering solutions that span from general storage to dispensing medication to patients, including movement through the pharmacy and the different storage areas on plant.

Our health logistics solutions are completely personalised and are designed to make use of the most advanced health logistics devices, such as horizontal carousels, vertical carousels/cabinets, automated dispensing cabinets, pneumatic tube sending systems, conveyor and automatic guides vehicles, consulting services, etc.


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Logistical automation opens new service horizons for CONSUM

Thanks to the logistical engineering solutions offered by ULMA Handling Systems, the distribution cooperative has been able to create new automatic systems in its platforms in Valencia and Murcia, and it will be creating a new one for its platform in Barcelona soon. The new systems have improved their processes and raised the quality standards in all the services provided by the shops, all in a context of maximum productivity and minimum errors.

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Logistical optimisation for the French distribution chain SYSTÉME U

The company has developed a comprehensive automated logistics system in its centre at Les Herbiers, near Nantes. The platform supplies clothing and consumer products to a total of 140 points of sale.

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Automating 90% of production

Conservas Friscos puts its trust in automated logistics, with the assistance of ULMA Handling Systems.

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Integral traceability system for improving the control of all the company’s production and distribution processes

The Pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has incorporated the integral IK Trace system, developed by ULMA Handling Systems, into its processes.

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Logistical system at controlled temperatures

Bonduelle consolidates its leadership with a new automated logistics system made by ULMA.

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The aroma of a good logistical system

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Comprehensive automated logistics system

ULMA Handling Systems, together with Miebach Consulting, has developed a comprehensive automated logistics system for the Pharmaceutical company Lilly, at its plant in Alcobendas (Madrid, Spain).

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Automated logistics at a controlled temperature (-24ºC)

The Group from Castilla y León, in the middle of a process of technological modernisation, has entrusted the automated logistics of its frozen and fresh products to ULMA Handling Systems.

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Automation in the furnishing and decoration sector

With the assistance of ULMA Handling Systems, the company has undertaken a process of logistical innovation to optimise its distribution chain to its own network of 100 shops and 6,000 clients in different countries.

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ULMA gives FUDIKE flexibility and simplicity

FUDIKE, a steel casting company that produces parts for industrial equipment manufacturers, puts its trust in ULMA Handling Systems for a logistic solution that combines simplicity and flexibility.

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