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AMIG trusts ULMA Handling Systems to design and implement its automatic classification system.


AMIG (Amilibia y de la Iglesia), the well-known hardware company of Vizcaya, has trusted ULMA Handling Systems to fully automate its system for storage, finished products on pallets and containers and preparation, classification and consolidation of dispatch orders.

Given the numerous references and different types of packaging that characterise the hardware industry, this project required very rationalised logistical engineering. For this reason, AMIG installed an automatic classification system, known as Surfing Sorter Mini, which is designed to classify and prepare orders for small components.

Proposed solution

This innovative system has a flow capacity of up to 7,000 pieces/hour and 180-output channel capability. The classification system provides competitive advantages through the precision and speed of the operations and guarantees control of the process and the possibility of processing information online.

The automatic classification system integrates with the complete automated logistic installation that the hardware company already has in place and that has been successively extended thanks to the experience and cooperation of ULMA Handling Systems.

In addition, AMIG has opted for an operated merchandise picking solution that better utilises the space, provides exhaustive stock rotation and control and increases productivity.

The installation comprises two differentiated areas with parallel shelving racks, both serviced with stackers: one contains the products in boxes and the other the products in pallets.

All the elements have been chosen to achieve precise movements and proper control of the stored products: stackers, gauges, control stations and IT equipment and computers that manage the installation; all designed and implemented by ULMA Handling Systems to achieve maximum productivity.

The automatic boxed picking area has a system for grouping the orders by reference with illuminated displays (DPS). The references with the greatest rotation are picked manually using a paperless picking system, or “Pick to Light“. In total, the automatic storage system has a fleet of 17 stackers, of which 6 are of the Mini-Load type.


Thanks to its constant preoccupation for optimising its logistical flow, AMIG has practically 95% of its references automated; the rest are manual references that, because of their volume, cannot be put in the automated storage.

Automated storage: AMIG
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