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PANSTAR, a group of companies specialising in the manufacture and distribution of pre-baked bread and frozen baked goods, has an automated warehouse at its facilities in Enguera, Valencia. GRUPO PANSTAR has a wide range of products, all of which are made from a rigorous selection of raw materials and with the most advanced manufacturing processes to offer the highest quality in their products.

"ULMA already collaborates with us, meeting all the defined requirements, and they contributed all their knowledge to the project,

Industry Manager


At grupo PANSTAR they identified the need to automate their intralogistics process, "mainly to adapt to our customers' requirements, who are at the centre of all our decisions, guaranteeing them an excellent quality of service", said the Industry Manager of the PANSTAR group. In addition, they are aware that the solution developed would enable them to meet their development plans.

"ULMA already collaborates with us, meeting all the defined requirements, and they contributed all their knowledge to the project," said the Manager.



Proposed solution

The intralogistics solution developed by ULMA Handling Systems has a reception system capable of absorbing all the goods received on up to 3 lorries per hour.

This reception system is connected to the automated warehouse solution using high-flow pallet transport lines with a capacity of more than 19,000 pallets. GRUPO PANSTAR's intelligent warehouse is managed by 4 Unit Load stacker cranes measuring 33 metres high, each equipped with a double-fork extraction system, enabling them to make two pallet movements at the entrance as well as at the exit of the warehouse. This technology allows the system to operate at speeds of 224 pallets/hour in single cycles and 170 pallets/hour in combined cycles. The system is divided into different zones depending on the temperature, which can vary between -24ºC and 0ºC.

In addition, the automatic warehouse is connected to the automatic palletising station, where, once the palletising is finished, the merchandise is automatically introduced into the warehouse.

The solution designed for these companies specialising in the manufacture and distribution of bread and baked goods, has a picking area, which is controlled and managed by ULMA Handling Systems technology.

Once the pallet is ready, it is reintroduced into the automated warehouse for subsequent dispatch. As GRUPO PANSTAR is a group of food companies, ULMA Handling Systems has developed its technology to ensure the loading order in the dispatches follows a strict order. Therefore, the intralogistics solution has 5 pre-loading dispatch buffers in order to minimise loading times and to ensure the group's products reach their destination in the established time and without breaking the cold chain at any time.



Thanks to the integrated intralogistics automation project, GRUPO PANSTAR has managed to increase storage capacity in the smallest possible space, to reduce loading/unloading times, and achieve an increase in efficiency in all processes managed.

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