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Aeropuerto de Malaga - Costa del Sol

The International Airport of Malaga - Costa del Sol, founded in 1919, today operates more than sixty airlines with daily connections to twenty Spanish cities and more than 100 cities in Europe. It has a traffic of 18 million passengers and has terminals T1, T2 and T3.

The strong increase in air traffic has led to a series of investments to remodel and expand the 3 terminals.


Malaga - Costa del Sol Airport needed to renovate the baggage handling and inspection system at the SIEB (Baggage Inspection System in the Hold), including the flight formation racks and check-in belts.

"The objective was to adapt the baggage handling system to the space and functionality requirements of the new EDS Level 3 baggage screening machines, which have replaced the previously existing Level 2 machines. Similarly, the security level 3 and 4 machines have had to be replaced by new Dual View X-ray machines, and two explosion-proof containers have also been integrated into the Level 5 screening system". Says Eneko San Sebastian, Project Manager at ULMA Handling Systems.

Proposed solution

Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport operates in three terminals. Terminal T1, T2 and T3. In each of the terminals, ULMA has carried out all of the following actions:

Terminal 1

The entire existing baggage handling installation has been dismantled, as well as 3 inclined check-in racks.

Due to the new features of the new machines, two new metal structures have been supplied and assembled on which the new EDS inspection machines have been placed.

As for the baggage conveyor system, 80 new machines have been installed in T1, as well as 2 vertical diverters and 4 label reading arches, together with two new inclined check-in racks. With 3 new enclosures, all lighting has been reinforced. The previously existing fire extinguishing points have been diverted and fitted out, and the entire floor of the trolley yard has been repaired.

Finally, the entire set of metal maintenance platforms has been replaced.


Terminal 2

In this terminal, the 11 existing baggage inspection lines, each with its own standard 2 inspection machine, have been replaced by the new standard 3 machines, and the terminal's entire baggage transport system has been modified.

Due to the new physical performance of the new machines, the metal structure of the 11 platforms on which the new standard 3 inspection machine rests has been reinforced.

Ulma has installed 419 new baggage handling machines in this terminal, 11 vertical diverters to ensure the correct sorting of baggage and 25 baggage reading arches. A new Level 4 security level has been integrated as well as an anti-explosives container, and 6 new inclined check-in racks have been installed.

To guarantee the maintainability of the new equipment, ULMA has also installed the entire network of metal maintenance platforms in Terminal 2.

On the other hand, ULMA has also participated in the remodelling of previously existing check-in stations by replacing 65 check-in counters. For each of these check-in counters, ULMA has guaranteed the correct fire prevention sectorisation, supplying 32 new fire dampers and integrating them into the airport's fire prevention switchboard.

80 new CCTV cameras have been installed and the entire lighting system has been reinforced.


Terminal 3

In Terminal 3 of Málaga-Costa del SOL Airport, work has been carried out on its two existing floors, the mezzanine and the basement. 13 new standard 3 inspection machines have been installed and integrated.

Thirteen new standard 3 inspection machines have been installed and integrated. For this purpose, ULMA has reinforced the concrete slab on which the new inspection machines rest by means of new metal structures.

218 new baggage transport equipment have been installed, 1 vertical diverter that ensures the correct classification of the suitcase and 10 label reading arches.

3 previously existing rooms, consisting of the airport's security rooms, have been remodelled.


Thanks to the remodelling and adaptation that ULMA has carried out at Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport, 26 new baggage inspection machines have been integrated and Aena has an airport that is completely adapted to the new standard 3 in terms of baggage inspection, which makes it one of the airport benchmarks in southern Europe, being able to operate with up to 20 million passengers per year.

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