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The harmonious control of intralogistics

Our intralogistics engineering solutions harmoniously and globally connect all aspects of a project. There is great harmony in order, in the precision of actions, in total organization of the different factors or agents that play a part in a process.

Control makes the complex simple, chaos predictable and variables exact. And that is the basic principle of the intralogistics solutions of ULMA Handling Systems.

We design and develop automated intralogistics solutions, where we manage the merchandise from the reception from production or suppliers, the transport, the automated warehouse system and order picking, to the dispatch.

We also design and develop integral baggage handling systems for the Baggage Handling sector, backed by extensive industry experience and a wide range of modular products and solutions that meet the functional needs of any airport.

Picking system solutions por Ulma Handling

Picking system solutions

Efficiency and productivity in picking systems
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Automated storage solutions por Ulma Handling

Automated storage solutions

Maximise productivity ratios, reducing the space and the number of movements with our automated storage system
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Conveyor and automatic guided vehicle por Ulma Handling

Conveyor and automatic guided vehicle

Conveyor and automatic guided vehicle logistics systems and solutions notably increase productivity, eliminating labour constraints and maintaining the rhythm and flows required in the order picking and production processes
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Automated sorting solutions por Ulma Handling

Automated sorting solutions

The capacity of our sorting systems guarantees the speedy sorting of the elements previously entered in the system
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Robot palletizing systems por Ulma Handling

Robot palletizing systems

Automatic palletizing robots allow the handling of products by layers or unit loads for all types of product formats.
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Transport and Baggage Sorting Solutions por Ulma Handling

Transport and Baggage Sorting Solutions

Our offer of Baggage Handling Systems and products covers from check-in systems and luggage handling to systems for inspection, storage and sorting
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