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Our intralogistics engineering solutions harmoniously and globally connect all aspects of a project.

There is great harmony in order, in the precision of actions, in total organization of the different factors or agents that play a part in a process. Control makes the complex simple, chaos predictable and variables exact.

And that is the basic principle of the intralogistics solutions of ULMA Handling Systems. The foundation that inspires our way of working and drives us to create unique intralogistics engineering solutions for our customers.

Control is intelligence and also creativity: innovations arise from total control over what you do. And it is confidence. Confidence in meeting deadlines. And everything working as expected.

That's what we do at ULMA Handling Systems. For you.

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A unique team to synchronize excellence.

A unique identity, where each employee is the owner and protagonist of a common business project. A singular team, united and focused on developing authentic, customised projects. Every project is a world in itself, make them all contain a bit of ULMA, a bit of you.

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From the start, we have had continuous collaboration with DAIFUKU, a Japanese company and world leader in the sector.

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Union of synergies.

At ULMA Handling Systems we develop our activity as integral intralogistics engineering and offer perfectly tuned logistics technology that ensures our customers' success. And for this, we have the permanent collaboration of the world leader in the sector, DAIFUKU.

This alliance has led to the exchange of knowledge, experiences, equipment and systems, including the whole range of automation products for Automated Manufacturing and Distribution (AM/AD) and Baggage Handling solutions.

DAIFUKU, world leader

Data published by MMH (Modern Material Handling) indicate that, year after year, the Japanese company DAIFUKU leads the Material Handling industry, exceeding the previous year’s turnover.

Creativity is thinking differently.

Innovation is doing differently.

Industry 4.0:
the future of industry

At ULMA Handling Systems we are immersed in the INDUSTRY 4.0 revolution, presented as the Industry of the Future, where the virtual world of information technology (IT), the physical world of machines and the Internet become one. In this sense, we develop various projects with an INDUSTRY 4.0 stamp aimed at the generation of Man-Machine collaborative environment systems or the development of analysis software capable of converting the large amount of data produced by smart warehouses into useful and valuable information for the correct decision making. The development of these projects allows us to monitor and interact in real time with our customers, obtaining significant advantages in productivity and efficiency of the logistics processes.

Over 35 years of creative engineering.

A long career is the result of constant commitment to our customers and innovation over time. This is how we have evolved. This is how we plan ahead forthe intralogistics systems of the future.

The former company OINAKAR signed an agreement with the Japanese company DAIFUKU, world leader in the sector, giving rise to the current ULMA Handling Systems.
1990 1991
We developed the first automated installations and began to increase our customer base.
We opened up to the international market by installing warehouses in Brazil, France and Italy.
2000 2004
We opened new branches and subsidiaries in France, Holland, Barcelona, Valencia...
We inaugurated the new ULMA Handling Systems headquarters in O�ati.
We started with the Baggage Handling activity through the purchase of a leading national company in logistics projects for baggage handling.
We set up a new 8,000m 2 production and innovation plant.
We extended our network of collaborators in Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, Russia, India, Indonesia...
We signed a collaboration agreement withDAIFUKU-LOGAN to offer our customers high-end solutions in the Baggage Handling sector.