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U-MIND Universe is the new logistics suite in which functionality is the differentiating factor.

It is a logistics software suite integrating state-of-the-art technology combined with functionalities in the cloud, which is used to process operational information in conjunction with information on the installation's life cycle.

U-MIND Universe incorporates different tools, each one focusing on one purpose. This universe is composed of U-MIND WMS, the WMS that provides all the intelligence to the automated installations, U-MIND Sentinel, the agent that monitors our installations to enable us to control undesirable situations, and U-MIND EAM, the tool required for optimal management of the maintenance of our installations.

U-MIND, is a commitment to the future and ULMA's ultimate commitment to its customers' success, because as its name suggest, it is the brain, the mind, the intelligence of the systems that allow maximum efficiency of the automated intralogistics systems from the confidence, closeness and experience that are so important to ULMA.

Characteristics of the warehouse management system

Simple: precise, complete and functional software, which is also simple and intuitive. It will facilitate your warehouse management.

Forward thinking: u·mind accompanies you towards new technological and competitive scenarios through active listening to ensure you are always up to date, identifying new improvements for a constant evolution.

Flexible: the ULMA software suite is designed to provide solutions to the relevant needs of the installations through flexible and comprehensive developments that adapt to present and future logistics challenges.

Realiable: more than 35 years of experience guarantee our experience and knowledge of logistics software, as the greatest guarantee of success.

U-MIND Universe, the ultimate commitment to our customers success.

U-Mind SGA

Warehouse Management System.

The brain of the entire logistics operation. Software designed from and for the user, capable of adapting to our customers logistics challenges with intuitive, flexible and efficient functionalities. Because by their side we are transforming logistics management, we are transforming the future.

U-Mind WCS

Warehouse Control Systems.

The software that allows us to maximize the efficiency of the installations, improving the work balance so that all the equipment can perform to the maximum.

U-Mind Setinel

Information about the situation, whenever and wherever you want.

Everywhere and at all times, we have the current knowledge of the situation and status of each of the installations via the cloud, ensuring the quality and reliability of the logistics processes. In addition, we have the ability to anticipate any unforeseen events, making it easier to make suitable present and future decisions.

U-Mind EAM

Enterprise Asset Management.

The system that allows you to manage the maintenance of your installation in a simple and efficient way.