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U-MIND Universe, the ultimate commitment to our customers' success.

U-MIND Universe, the ultimate commitment to our customers' success.

ULMA Handling Systems presents its U-MIND Universe ecosystem, a new logistics suite in which functionality is the differentiating factor.

It is a logistics software suite integrating state-of-the-art technology combined with functionalities in the cloud, which is used to process operational information in conjunction with information on the installation's life cycle.

U-MIND Universe incorporates different tools, each one focusing on one purpose. This universe is composed of U-MIND WMS, the WMS that provides all the intelligence to the automated installations, U-MIND Sentinel, the agent that monitors our installations to enable us to control undesirable situations, U-MIND Instant Watcher, a remote viewing tool that will facilitate the interaction and performance of our team of technicians in conjunction with the customer's team, and U-MIND EAM, the tool required for optimal management of the maintenance of our installations.

U-MIND, is a commitment to the future and ULMA's ultimate commitment to its customers' success, because as its name suggests, it is the brain, the mind, the intelligence of the systems that allow maximum efficiency of the automated intralogistics systems from the confidence, closeness and experience that are so important to ULMA.