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Fully automated and flexible conveyor and automatic guides vehicle that does not require any human intervention

What is an Automated Guided Vehicle or AGV?

The system automated guided vehicle or AGV has laser-guided vehicles designed for collaborative working environments in which repetitive flow transportation is automated.

These smart transport systems, also know as automated guided vehicles (AGV) are the ideal solution for intensive working environments, such as work that must be constant 24 hours a day and which requires complex production flows.

The system is especially designed to provide easy route configuration so that transport can take place to many different addresses and accumulation points. Data exchange and communication is by radio.

Benefits of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV):

  • Flexibility and great scalability
  • Light and economic design: energy savings
  • Redundancy: if an AGV has a fault it can be removed
  • Reliability
  • Silent
  • Advanced techniques in acceleration and braking curves
  • Energy regeneration system
  • Complex working environments: toxic products, refrigerated environments, etc.

These Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) or smart transport systems are designed for logistic systems and solutions that integrate automatically with conveyor belts, cranes, palletising robots, etc.

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