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The automated sorting system known as the FLAT SORTER is used to sort the products directly into a consignment box, bag or on a chute

What is a flat sorter machine?

This automated sorting system has the capacity to move 7,200 trays per hour with simple trays and 14,400 with double trays. In addition, it can achieve higher processing speeds using double trays or by increasing the input areas.

The products can be entered manually by depositing the products directly on the system’s trays, or automatically through an input conveyor belt.

Advantages of flat sorting systems:

  • Simplicity
  • Hardiness
  • High sorting capacity

If you need more information about our flat sortes, do not hesitate to contact us.

Flat Sorter - Directly into a consignment box, bag or on a chute Flat Sorter - Simplicity
Flat Sorter - Automated sorting
Flat Sorter sorting system

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