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The Mini Load automated storage systems help to maximise the efficiency of the picking system processes

What is a MiniLoad warehouse?

Mini Load provide an automated storage solution at a height by means of a Robot stacker for handling lightweight. We have a broad range of Mini Load models, differentiated by range of weights with a maximum capacity of up to 300kg. They are designed for picking and automated storage of units and boxes.

These logistics systems and solutions are used to fulfil to fundamental needs (individually or collectively): Picking and automated storage systems.

Our systems can be used to handle different load units and different extraction solutions defined according to the densities and shapes of the products, No of references, picking requirements, etc. and they eliminate any tasks that do not add significant value

Benefits of MiniLoad stacker cranes:

  • Light aluminium structure requiring less power consumption.
  • Power regeneration system
  • Double mast
  • Detection of position on the shelf
  • Acceleration and braking curves with advanced techniques
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Compact storage
  • Silent
  • Elimination of use of paper
  • Improved working ergonomics thanks to ideal height for picking
  • Health and safety in the workplace

If you need more information about Mini Load automated warehouse or other products, do not hesitate to contact us.

Mini Load - Picking and automated storage systems
Mini Load - Speed and reliability
Mini Load - Broad range Robot stacker for handling lightweight loads

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