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Mobility and flexibility in the picking process

What is a warehouse picking cart

The warehouse picking cart is a versatile system applicable to existing vehicles or vehicles designed specifically for the picking system with a set of lighted wireless modules.

The operators can use this system to optimise movement through the warehouse. Various orders can be picked simultaneously and without errors, informing the system in real time of the picking process.

The picking cart has a wifi and battery system that makes it an easy-to-install plug&play system.

Benefits of a picking cart:

  • Elimination of errors
  • Real time knowledge of the status of the picking
  • Increased productivity
  • Elimination of unnecessary movements as various picking processes can take place simultaneously
  • Reduction of unproductive time
  • Flexibility
  • Perfect integration with Pick to Light, Pick to Voice or Radiofrequency systems
  • Easy to learn

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Picking Cart - Picking process whilst moving
Picking Cart - Movility and flexibility
Picking Cart - Picking systems

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