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Conveyor and automatic guides vehicle with automated transfer control used for moving between motorised stations

What is a warehouse shuttle cart?

The Shuttle Cart conveyor and automatic guides vehicles have an extraordinarily flexible system that permit the easy creation of extensions to the system.

The Shuttle Cart systems are especially characterised by their reliability and have their own controller that can be used to efficiently manage the transport orders, monitor the functional data (transfer stations, locations where they are working), etc.

Additionally, these conveyor and automatic guides vehicles have a Handy (not mounted) control console from which the operator can work remotely and manually guaranteeing:

  • Indication of error codes and procedures for verification and reset whenever there is a functional anomaly
  • Entering of transport orders to the vehicle when working in REMOTE mode
  • Performance of adjustment movements in MANUAL mode

Depending on the type of conveyor through which the load is inputted, the support platform of these vehicles may be based on rollers, chains or fork transfers and/or with chain tilt.

Our Shuttle Carts can be simple (transporting loads one by one) or double (transporting loads two by two), depending on the flow needs of each company.

Adavantages of the Shuttle Cart system:

  • Flexibility
  • Long useful life
  • Light design- less power consumption
  • Speed
  • Reliable
  • Silent
  • Acceleration and braking curves with advanced techniques
  • Power regeneration system

If you need more information about our Shuttle Cart systems, or other products, do not hesitate to contact us.

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