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The unit picking robot offers the option of working in collaborative human-machine environments.

What is unit picking robot?

The change in the market paradigm has brought great changes in company intralogistics, but they must continue to maintain the highest level of service, in line with the growing number of orders, and in turn, small orders, etc. This means efficiency is key in picking. This change has allowed ULMA to develop a unit picking system in collaborative environments for picking in distribution centres.

Our automatic unit picking robot is developed to work in collaborative human-machine environments for picking. This system provides a hybrid solution, in which robots and humans share the same work space, combining high automation, monitoring the work area and guaranteeing safety at the work station at all times. The robot is capable of handling products in new and different ways, allowing automatic handling for pick&place operations.

Benefits of a unit picking robot:

•    Efficiency
•    Error elimination
•    Collaborative environments

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