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FUJIFILM, one of the leaders in the sector of conventional and digital photography, trust ULMA Handling Systems to modernize its facilities in Barcelona by a complete reorganization of its internal logistics.


The logistics automation system developed for the company Fujifilm responds to the need of optimizing their logistics through an automatic storage and order preparation or picking systems, in order to improve productivity and their deliveries.

Proposed solution

The system designed and implemented by ULMA Handling Systems enables Fujifilm managing more than 2,500 references.

The developed solutions integrates different subsystems of automatic storage and picking of the material deposited in pallets and boxes, picking system (Digital Picking System) and integral control system, which are able to operate with all the references optimally.

The light system (Digital Picking System), installed in both subsystems ensures the needed accuracy in the orders picking through LED lights and displays that allows the operator know intuitively the location and exact quantity of the operation to be performed. The use of this product leads to higher productivity by eliminating picking lists and an online control of the picking.

Depending on the rotation of the references to pick, the picking process takes place in different subsystems. In this way, more effective movements will be achieved in the automatic system, optimizing the orders picking process.

Finally, there is a scale placed on the side of containers subsystem and it carries out the monitoring necessary to ensure that the prepared order contains exactly the requested material, by indicating the actual weight of the box and its validation through the implanted Warehouse Management System (WMS).


The logistics automation system developed for Fujifilm has brought the optimization of the accuracy in orders picking, improvement of the productivity and improvement of the deliveries.

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