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Recambios Marinos, a company which supplies marine materials and vessels, has an automated distribution centre at its facilities in Viladecans, Barcelona.

Apart from meeting expectations in terms of improving service, control of our stock of 25,000 items in the automatic warehouse is particularly worthy of note



Since it started out in October 1994, Recambios Marinos' priority has been to provide the equipment necessary to repair vessels and marine engines efficiently and effectively. The company achieved this by identifying the need to automate its distribution centre, in order to optimise its service for customers in ports throughout Europe by improving delivery speeds and reducing errors.

"We chose ULMA as a result of its quick commercial response. We also had the opportunity to visit other customers, and we were attracted by their software (WMS)," says a Director at Recambios Marinos.

Proposed solution

Recambios Marinos' distribution centre currently has two different automated subsystems: the first system focuses on managing products stored on pallets, while the second subsystem is for products stored in plastic containers.

Recambios Marinos' automatic warehouse has capacity for over 2800 pallets and more than 6800 containers. Both subsystems are connected to order picking stations equipped with pick-to-light devices, making it easy for operators to pick orders intuitively.

Once consolidation of orders is complete, Recambios Marinos is ready to ship the products to vessels in more than 20 countries.

Recambios Marinos' integrated solution includes the new Warehouse Management System (WMS) developed by ULMA Handling Systems, which has been adapted to the specific needs of the distribution centre. At the heart of this new software product are the basic functions ULMA has built up over its 30-plus years' experience in integrating automated solutions.

Apart from managing the entire flow of the automatic pallet and container warehouse, ULMA's WMS also allows the company to manage items stored conventionally.

The new WMS provides information and cutting-edge visual analysis tools for up-to-date knowledge of the distribution centre, based on a straightforward, user-friendly interface for swift resolution of incidents and better, more accurate decision-making. It is therefore possible to guarantee the quality and reliability of the services offered from the same centre.


Recambios Marinos has successfully improved productivity at its distribution centre thanks to the integrated intralogistics automation project. Furthermore, it is now able to ensure control of materials by knowing the traceability of all its products, and has increased the efficiency of all processes managed in the distribution centre.

However, the company is not going to stop here, as it intends to continue growing, and will again count on ULMA Handling Systems to increase the capacity of the automated system at its distribution centre.

At Recambios Marinos they state that "apart from meeting expectations in terms of improving service, control of our stock of 25,000 items in the automatic warehouse is particularly worthy of note".

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Warehouse Management Systems at Recambios Marinos

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