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ULMA Handling Systems automates Molitalia’s internal logistics to optimise their productivity


Molitalia relies on ULMA’s logistic solutions to implement an automatic transport system between its Production Plants and its Distribution Centre located in the District of Los Olivos, Lima (Peru). Without doubt, the automation of internal logistic processes has become more prominent in recent years in the food distribution sector.

Professionals agree that we are facing one of the latest improvement niches that allow companies to reduce costs. This explains why the Peruvian market becomes evermore committed, year after year, to automated logistics solutions.

Proposed solution

Thanks to the solution proposed by ULMA, Molitalia has an automatic transport system comprised of rollers that automatically link the company’s production area with its distribution area. Moreover, the system has a pallet counter to keep an exhaustive control of the number of pallets that have been transferred.

Molitalia’s logistics area, after performing an exhaustive cost/benefit analysis, has decided to replace the initial solution with an automatic transport system with a conveyor belt suggested by ULMA Handling Systems, generating added value in the internal transport of pallets, reducing the necessary time for product availability in the CD stock as well as reducing the necessary space for accumulating pallets inside a plant, providing more order and security.

Ulma’s Automatic conveyors are characterised by their high performance and easy maintenance as well as easing final assembly as much as possible. Technology has become a transversal tool, and its presence is necessary in all those companies that, as well as looking at their operating account, are aiming to advance in the quality of their processes, inventory control, reduced delivery times, error reduction, ability to react to unexpected events, etc.


Molitalia has implemented this automation project with two main objectives: optimise productivity of its transport resources and handling of materials and improve logistics efficiency, speed and accuracy.

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