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ULMA Handling Systems has created for the fashion chain Skunkfunk a new picking/classification system, based on pick/put to light elements.


The well-known fashion brand SKUNKFUNK has formed an advanced internal logistical system in order to meet two essential requirements: growing its network of shops and achieving greater agility in its supply chain, which is subject to seasonal fluctuations inherent in the nature of the business.

Proposed solution

The fashion company has formed a new picking/sorting system based on pick/put to light elements, which was developed by ULMA Handling Systems.

The solution is formed by dynamic shelves that form 10 work stations. In turn, each work station is formed by 33 front dpds and 30 rear dpds, which guide the operative to perform the pick/put to light operations.

The logistical process, based on the incorporation of the new system, consists of various well-differentiated phases. The first consists of the receipt of textile products in the work stations, once they have been pre-classified in the different categories based on the sizes and colours.

Once the clothes have been received, the operator reads the label with the laser reader and the software developed by ULMA will indicate the exact position of the shelf where the clothing must be left in a plastic box, on a screen.


The elimination of the use of paper and the intuitive nature of the picking solution have helped the company improve its precision and productivity, reducing delivery times and eliminating tasks that did not contribute added value to its internal logistics.

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