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Automated solution for picking system based on gantry robots

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What is OPR (Order Picking System)?

Order Picking System is a logistic solution that combines the functions of automated storage and an automated picking system in a single flexible operation, guaranteeing that the products can be properly and directly transported to supermarkets.

These types of logistics systems and solutions are especially designed for the picking of products with very short delivery timeframes, such as fruits and vegetables. They are mainly applied in the Distribution Centres of large supermarket chains.

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What is a gantry robot?

A gantry robot is a robot that can move in the X-Y axis and is supported at its ends. The gantry robot moves in the X-Y plane, while its arm moves up and down on the surface to move the selected loads. This type of robot can be used in both automated storage and picking processes.

Gantry robots are also often referred to as Cartesian robots or Gantry robots. In contrast to generic Cartesian robots (such as numerical control machines or 3D printers), gantry robots have their ends supported on rails.

What are the characteristics of a gantry robot?

A gantry robot has the following characteristics:

  • It has a high load capacity, higher than other types of robots used in automated warehouses.
  • The ends on which the robot rests usually provide the robot with a long travel distance.
  • It takes care of the load during its movements so that it is not damaged.
  • It has a high level of precision in the processes it carries out.
  • It offers a high level of automation.

How does a gantry robot work?

This type of robot moves in a straight line in the X-Y plane, and its arm is able to move up and down to select and move the desired load.

Benefits of using a gantry robot

These types of solutions offer a multitude of benefits, such as:

  • They are simple to use by trained personnel.
  • Their solid structure means they can move heavier loads.
  • It speeds up order picking processes.
  • It reduces the time required to carry out intralogistics operations.

What is a gantry robot used for?

As mentioned above, this type of intralogistics system is used for automatic storage and order picking processes. The sectors in which they are most commonly used are in the large-scale distribution sector, specifically logistics centres where the orders that go to supermarkets are separated and prepared. In addition, it is also often used in other intralogistics environments, for example in logistics processes in tyre plants.


Order Picking System (OPR) - Fast and precise picking Order Picking System (OPR) - Products with very short delivery timeframes
Order Picking System (OPR)
OPR - Automated solution for picking system

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