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The innovative multi-reference palletizer robot of ULMA Handling Systems

The Robot IK PAL has innumerable advantages that make it a benchmark system for optimal palletizing any kind of load, which, independently of the shapes of the products, can be used to palletise multi-reference products, automatically, quickly and efficiently.

The system is designed to palletize slim products, such as soft drinks, mineral water bottles, etc, and to reach a movement capacity of more than 600 cycles an hour.

The Robot IK PAL permits harmonised handling of several products simultaneously and the placement of cartons automatically, through the design of elements that permit harmonised and safe handling.

Apart from guaranteeing a precise picking system, the Robot IK PAL allows synchronisation of the baling process in one single workstation, guaranteeing greater rigidity in the formed pallet and a lower number of incidents due to possible falls of the product in transit to baling.

The new Robot IK PAL system provides a significant difference in respect of the current market offer, in terms of the versatility of products that can be palletised, the achievement of high flows in the picking process and the incorporation of baling system synchronisation.

Benefits of the multi-reference palletizing robot: the Robot IK PAL:

  • Reliability
  • Picking specific to each shop and according to replenishment map
  • Product stability
  • Optimal filling degree
  • Precision in placement of products
  • Handling of slim elements
  • Special design for fast and safe operation

If you need more information about our multireference palletizing robot, do not hesitate to contact us.

Robot IK PAL - Picking systems
Robot IK PAL - Optimal palletising
Robot IK PAL - Innovative multi-reference palletiser Robot IK PAL: Speed, effectiveness, flexibility

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