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Flexibility, precision and high performance in picking

What is the M Shuttle Rack system?

The new M-Shuttle Rack has a flexible design allowing optimal adaptation to any company's picking needs, with easy adjustment to the existing space conditions and guaranteeing the possibility of easily extending the system at all times.

The M-Shuttle is a fast vehicle-type AS/RS, which is designed to provide functions such as buffer, stock, picking, etc.

Benefits of M Shuttle Rack systems?

  • Speed, high performance and flexibility
  • Easy maintenance: Shuttles with impact can be replaced with very little interruption in the system. Other shuttles continue to operate while maintenance is carried out on one of them. By controlling the number of active shuttles, maintenance can be carried out systematically on each shuttle without interrupting operation
  • Energy efficiency: The system has a shuttle installed on each level. Each shuttle travels at high speeds to store and quickly recover the loads. Making use of light vehicles for the transport of goods, the Shuttle Rack M consumes 60% less energy per cycle compared to conventional stacker cranes.

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