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Fully automated high-density storage

The heart of the system is a shuttle which is used to move the pallets in a racking structure specially designed for this purpose. On one or more main aisles the shuttle moves towards the correct storage channel. In this way, the shuttle can change storage lanes without the intervention of an operator or any other material handling device. This storage system can be applied in both semi and fully automated warehouses.

The stow Atlas®2D makes optimal use of storage space. Efficient, fast and reliable, it increases productivity. Our solution is flexible and scalable: we can add shuttles to the system as needs evolve. The 2D shuttle fits into complex industrial projects, lay-out can be adopted to any shape of the warehouse. It respects all the European standards (EN / FEM). The system can be installed in environments ranging from -25 ° C to +45 ° C. The solution feeds pallets easily to operators through conveyor systems. The elimination of manual material handling leads to risk and error reduction. The elimination of driving aisles allows an increase in storage capacity. In addition, our solution can be quickly implemented, even in phased stages.


  • Scalable: together with the number of shuttles you can change the performance
  • Flexible: layouts can be adopted to nearly every building situation & different business situations (3PLs). Automation of brown field is easy!
  • Density: high storage density obtained through shuttle technology, as less space is used for the handling lane. Perfect fit for frozen environments!
  • Variable: single deep and multiple deep areas can be combined, very simple main aisle transfer
  • Effective: even with low building heights, effective solutions are posible
  • Compact: reduction of front zones by clever system design (vs stacker crane)
  • Reliable: several shuttles in one system guarantee an increased reliability and availability (redundancy)
  • Energy efficient: shuttles are very light weight compared to other Systems
  • Industry 4.0: pioneering industry 4.0 ready solutions of the future today

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