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Alex Gutiérrez is the new CEO for ULMA Handling Systems in Brazil

 Alex Gutiérrez is the new CEO for ULMA Handling Systems in Brazil
Alex Gutiérrez is the new CEO for ULMA Handling Systems in Brazil
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After a career at ULMA Handling Systems as Project Manager and Service Manager at ULMA Handling Systems Brazil (UHSB), Alex Gutierrez has been appointed General Director of UHSB with the aim of consolidating and reinforcing the presence of ULMA Handling Systems in Brazil.

Three years ago, ULMA adopted a more global position, in which the strategy is not only to cover the role as a supplier of material handling and storage solutions, but to become a strategic partner providing intelligence for intralogistics projects. And Gutiérrez’s management aims to continue the consolidation of this approach in Brazil, a key country in its business strategy for over 20 years.

“My mission is to attend to our installed client base, guaranteeing our team’s proximity for the articulation of projects and to ensure all the necessary support, simplifying processes and operations”, said Gutiérrez. “The Brazilian subsidiary’s operational capacity is growing sustainably every year, as well as the capacity of the industrial process and our team of professionals, providing customers with a unique experience with ULMA Handling Systems as a strategic partner in automated systems for intralogistics”.

Alex Gutiérrez has a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of the Basque Country, specialising in Innovation and Project Management at Mondragon University. He is currently studying the International Executive MBA at the Fundación Instituto de Administración (FIA), which is characterised by training for business leaders with a global vision of the business, capable of formulating and leading the implementation of competitive strategies, with a strong focus on strategic management in a global context.


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