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ORKLI and ULMA have designed an optimal solution for real-time production and logistics.

The service we offer the clients has improved considerably.

Iker Estensoro Orkli Commercial Director


The main reason that ORKLI decided to undertake the “E-KANBAN“ project was the possibility of offering its clients an optimal, precise and real-time logistical service, without any waiting times in the service.

Proposed solution

The Kanban System implemented at Orkli is a user-friendly e-Kanban system based on the website and designed with the purpose of reducing delivery periods, reducing stocks and basically reinforce customer loyalty. The development of this project guarantees that all the movements of materials are controlled by an RFID system, which means that all the information is available in real time, to optimise the processes and monitor the inventories.

In addition, Orkli has two vertical cabinets at its facilities, also known as vertical Shuttles. These systems move products directly to the operator via a series of trays and a high-tech central rack feeder. These vertical cabinets provide significant space, time and cost savings for Orkli.


The service provided to clients has improved considerably. The supply of consumable materials depends only on how long it takes to transport that material from Orkli to the client. This translated into considerable reductions in the delivery timeframes for supplying the materials to the client and the materials that have to be kept in stock to cover all clients’ needs.

Furthermore, with no additional effort, the client can be sure that the material they consume arrived at the moment that it is needed and can track their orders in real time, online and with completely updated information.

Vertical Shuttle Vertical Lift System
Vertical shuttle at ORKLI
Orkli project

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