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The Pharmaceutical company overhauls its logistics model to meet the new demands of the market.


The project’s principal objectives were to increase the company’s storage capacity and increase productivity in the processes related to product provision and distribution.

Proposed solution

At Esteve, a fractions pickings system was developed, based on the Pick to Light technology, which has five stations, a verification area and a packaging and documentation area. The process concludes with various final consolidating channels and two labellers. Internal software manages the movements in the silo as well as the receipt and preparation of orders. Furthermore, the software ensures these operations all take place within certain temperature and humidity parameters (15/25º).


Apart from increasing productivity, the system has allowed Esteve to reduce the number of incidents or errors in the dispatch process to almost zero, and has considerably reduced the man-hours required to maintain the system.

Picking Picking System Orders picking at Esteve Pick To Light at Esteve Doctor Esteve

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