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PANTER shoes brand, part of the group Industrial Zapatera of Alicante, has trusted again in ULMA Handling Systems for the automation of their complete logistic system.

We appreciate the ability of having, at any time, the best information about our stock and time has proved us right. Nowadays, the information we are able to offer to our customers is valued as much as the quality or the price of the products

Ramón Pajares Counsellor


Ramon Pajares, PANTER counselor, said that the objective of his company "is to provide a quick response to customer needs and through automated solution of ULMA Handling Systems we anticipate all the production needs, the stock is assured and we eliminate delays in goods shipments“.

Proposed solution

The first automatic storage system that was developed by ULMA for Panter suposed an internal revolution, because they started managing reliable data and information that allowed them improving their production and storage processes. So, one more time the company became an innovation model for other companies from the same sector: they had been the first manufacturing enterprise with an automatic storage, so, in consequence, they became in a successful model for other companies.

After the success achieved through this first system, Panter opted for a new automated storage system for pallets and trays and a picking system through DPS (Digital Picking System) that allows operating quickly and intuitively showing demanded quantities and forcing confirmation of each picking of the articles. In this picking system, 96 Put To Light displays were installed.

The first automated storage system developed by ULMA in PANTER has a storage capacity of 110,000 pair of shoes, and this second system has an additional capacity of 70,000 pairs of shoes, which involves the installation of 3 stacker cranes, 1 for pallets storage and 2 for trays storage.

In both cases, ULMA has been present in all the phases that involve the project: consulting, planning and engineering, implementation of the project, development of the software and training of the staff.


All these features of the system are translated into a significant competitive advantage for the company in relation to its customers: the ability to respond in real time about the stock existences that the company produces, when before installing the automated system answer to any question was a task that was not resolved in less than two days.

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