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The uniqueness of a project is not measured by tons, but without a doubt the project developed for the company Papel Aralar is unique as it moves tons of paper in a harmonic, ergonomic and precise way.


Improving the productivity and control of its material and increasing logistics efficiency were the objectives that led the company Papel Aralar to invest in a new logistics system with ULMA Handling Systems.

Aralar is immersed in rapid expansion and unstoppable international consolidation that requires it to keep up to date with the latest developments in its logistics processes. Thus, ULMA Handling Systems has become its main partner, updating its logistics system aimed at offering the best service to its customers.

Proposed solution

The solution designed by ULMA focuses on a self-supporting automated warehouse system measuring 32 metres high, equipped with a shuttle system with capacity to hold 5,300 paper reels weighing approximately 2,500 kg.

This installation has a capacity to supply the picking for 20 trucks per day.


The reel shuttle enables Papel Aralar optimal adaptation of its warehouse configuration, allowing maximum utilisation of storage volume and shortening the working times of a standard compact system. In addition, the shuttle has a turning movement capability that maximises the efficiency of all its movements.

With this system, multiple loads are stored one after the other in 22m-deep channels and they are stored and extracted via a LIFO system.



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