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Solidity and precision at high rates

Our automated palletising solutions achieve high production rates, improvements in the efficiency of processes, reduction of costs and improvements in working conditions though the automation of the most monotonous and tiresome tasks in end of line processes.

At ULMA, we design various automated palletising solutions, depending on the exact solution required in each case. We have solid anthropomorphic robot systems, gantry robots or systems for palletising by layers.

The palletising robots permit the palletisation of products coming from a production line or several production lines and are designed to handle a very broad range of product formats at high rates.

The automated palletising systems can be combined with other equally automatable processes such as boxing, closing, sealing, etc.


  • High rate
  • Reliable
  • Traceability
  • Precision in the placement of products
  • Ergonomic
  • Silent
  • Perfect integration with other productive and logistic systems

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