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The Sorting Transfer Vehicle (STV) is a conveyor and automatic guides vehicle system characterised by its reliability and speed, with the capacity to make 800 transfers/hour

What is a STV?

These conveyor and automatic guides vehicle systems notably increase productivity, maintaining the rates and flows required in the processes from production to picking. These systems are characterised by their sorting capacities and ability to collect for multiple stations.

Movement in the STV (sorting transfer vehicle) conveyor and automatic guides vehicle system is on aluminium rails which can be in the form of a loop or in a straight line, and they have the capacity to move up to 800 transfers per hour. The transfer mechanism can be roller-based or chain-based.

The STV’s (sorting transfer vehicle) main advantages over other conveyor systems are reliability and redundancy (if one vehicle breaks down, the system can carry on working), high speeds, high rates and flexibility for future extensions.

Through the automated smart controls, the conveyors never crash into each other, as each one knows the exact position of all the other vehicles.

This is a flexible, highly scalable solution, that can be tailored to the specific needs of the client. It guarantees a high production flow through the simultaneous operation of various automated vehicles.

Benefits of Sorting Transfer Vehicles (STV):

  • Flexibility
  • Ecological: Energy regeneration system
  • Lightweight design and less consumption
  • Speed
  • Reliable
  • Silent
  • Acceleration and braking curves with advanced techniques

If you need more information about sorting transfer vehicles (STV) or other products, do not hesitate to contact us.

STV - Conveyor and automatic guides vehicle systems STV - Ecological: Energy regeneration system
Sorting Transfer Vehicle (STV) - Conveyor and automatic guides vehicle
STV automatic transport Sorting Transfer Vehicle

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