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Modifications by ULMA Handling Systems to several AENA airports valued at more than 58 million euros

 Modifications to several AENA airports
Modifications by ULMA Handling Systems to several AENA airports valued at more than 58 million euros
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ULMA Handling Systems will proceed to carry out the necessary adaptations at the airports in the AENA network in accordance with the new European standard safety regulations. The modifications to be made at the airports of Gran Canaria, Malaga, Menorca, Fuerteventura, Zaragoza and A Coruña and will exceed the 58-million-euro mark.

At Malaga airport, which had more than 19 million passengers in 2018, ULMA will renew the baggage handling system in its 3 terminals. Specifically, in Terminal 3, the 14 existing inspection circuits will be modified in order to increase the decision time required in the new regulations and will integrate the new machines known as standard 3. In addition, level 3 circuits will be modified to integrate new dual-view machines and a new transit line will be introduced.

In Terminal 2, on the other hand, in addition to updating the nine inspection circuits to integrate the nine new machines, the entire check-in area will be changed, to incorporate sixty-five check-in counters and six inclined carousels.

In Terminal 1, the entire storm water drainage system will also be changed, two new N1-N2 inspection circuits will be incorporated, a circuit for Level 3 and two inclined tracks.

At Gran Canaria airport, with over 13 million passengers per year, ULMA will renew the luggage system at the three terminals, integrating 24 standard 3 inspection machines and five dual-view machines for Level 3.

Menorca airport, on the other hand, will see an extension to its terminal building of approximately 900m2 that will house a complete baggage system with a capacity of up to 6,000 bags / hour, with six N1-N2 inspection circuits, a level 3 circuit and four inclined tracks.

To carry out these modifications the manufacture of more than 2,500 pieces of equipment by ULMA will be required, equipment that will be installed in phases between 2020 and 2022.


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