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EROSKI Madrid M50

ULMA Handling Systems has developed an automatic picking system, considered a pioneer for its concept and design, for Eroski Frescos’ platform in Guadalix de la Sierra (Madrid). The installation is the result of a cooperation project between ULMA Handling Systems, Eroski and Euro Pool System and is based on highly innovative technology and improved sustainability.


The core of the project resulted from the need to automate three main systems: an automatic classification system (STV) and automated picking system and an automatic buffering system with stacker cranes.

Proposed solution

The automatic classification system (STV) directs the pallets towards the dispatch buffer or the automated picking system. It is designed to operate under conditions of extreme cold, with temperatures as low as -30ºC, and it provides a great degree of flexibility, in such a way that the number of vehicles can be increased easily at any time. Likewise the system has the capacity to move up to 800 pallets/hour.

The picking system is a totally automated solution that permits high-intensity operations with heavy weights. The system is designed for handing products in plastic boxes and guarantees totally harmonised product handling. Likewise, it eliminates the need to perform non-ergonomic operations by the employees and facilitates total cleaning of the whole installation, which is an essential factor in the food industry.

The automatic buffering system has various stacker cranes and automatically regulates the supply of pallets to the picking and dispatch system. Likewise, the advantages that it provides from the point of view of saving space, ensures optimal control of the inventory, and from an environmental point of view, the installation permits ideal conservation of the product and power recovery/recycling.


The development of this whole automatic system has allowed Eroski to considerably improve its ergonomics ratings and eliminate manual handling from the processes that require the most effort.

In addition, there have been significant achievements in reliability, as it is a robust system that offers stability in production and contributes greater flexibility to the picking system. Another advantage obtained after automation is the savings made on overheads.

Conveyor and automatic guides vehicle
Automated storage
Automated storage Eroski Madrid - Improved sustainability

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