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Conservas Friscos puts its trust in automated logistics, with the assistance of ULMA Handling Systems.

ULMA offered us great liability and the solution they proposed perfectly fitted our current and future needs.

Luis Rivera Plant Manager


The objective of the project is to achieve substantial improvements in productivity, by implementing an automatic palletising system that should automate 90% of production.

Proposed solution

The system designed and developed by ULMA Handling Systems, has 2 palletising robots that service 4 production lines and supply 4 palletising positions, achieving a production rate of 2,700 boxes/hour.

Apart from the palletising system, the logistical solution also incorporates the baling and labelling process and an automatic transport system (VTD) designed so that the pallets, whether empty or full, can be transported toward an outbound branch.

“After visiting various similar installations, one thing was clear: ULMA offered us great reliability and their proposal fitted with our current and future needs, given that our clients are ever more demanding and want us to provide specific packaging that is suitable to new market demands“, says Mr Luis Rivera, the Conservas Friscos Plant Manager.

Conservas Friscos, S.A. is in the middle of a process of generational change, with a rigorous strategic expansion and growth plan and a new executive team. Currently, the company covers its national and international clients, having achieved turnover of € 51MM last year, and offering direct employment to approximately 180 employees.


After implementing the automation project, the well-known Galician canning company obtained “substantial improvements in productivity, effectiveness and efficiency, mainly, having managed to automate up to 90% of the palletising process, given that the rest of our production is made using traditional methods for occasional clients“, says Mr Luis Rivera.

Conservas Friscos - Automatic palletising
Conservas Friscos - 2 palletising robots
Conservas Friscos - Automated logistics VTD at Conservas Friscos

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