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EHLIS, the leading Spanish distributor of hardware and DIY products now has an automated storage and order preparation solution in its installations in Sant Andreu de la Barca, Barcelona. Thanks to the solution developed by ULMA Handling Systems, EHLIS has improved the services it offers to its clients

ULMA Handling Systems was the company that provided us with the most added value in defining the solution, and special mention should go to the level of involvement and willingness to help of all the ULMA employees with whom we worked

Armando Aldrey Logistics Manager of EHLIS


Ehlislogistics automation project was prepared as a solution in response to its need to increase its storage capacity, with a view to improving efficiency, the ergonomics of the workplace and the services offered to its clients.

Proposed solution

The solution that ULMA developed for EHLIS’ distribution centre was in the form of a project focused on automated storage, automatic transport and order picking system.

EHLIS’ distribution centre has 2 automated warehouses, divided according to unit loads: a high-rack silo formed by 4 Unit Load stacker cranes and a Mini Load warehouse for containers, which is managed by 7 stacker cranes.

The two warehouses are connected to the picking zones: 2 order preparation positions in the pallets area and 4 in the Mini Load area, which prepare all of the clients’ orders in boxes. Additionally, resupplying also takes place in the 2 first picking units, meaning that the containers with merchandise stored in pallets are completed there so that they can then be stored in the corresponding warehouse.

Once the picking process has been completed, the prepared boxes are inserted in an automated transport system, which also receives the orders prepared in the 2 order preparation areas, so that afterwards, at the end of the transport system, the total order is completed using a sorter with 4 outputs.


Ehlis’ automated warehouse has allowed the firm to reduce the complexity of its operative processes considerably, while improving its efficiency and reducing its costs. “Also, the quality of our final product has improved significantly, as clients are now provided with more information. We also note that the working conditions of our employees have improved a lot thanks to the advances in the ergonomics in the workplace“, says Armando Aldrey, Ehlis’ Logistics Manager.

Logistic automation in EHLIS
Pallet conveyors EHLIS installation

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