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Saica Pack increases its stock capacity with the new automated storage in Seville. The new warehouse enables better inventory reliability, reduced loading times and significantly improved palletising quality, resulting in an improved service for customers and greater safety for employees. 

The main reason being how well other customers spoke of their experience in working with ULMA. Equally important were the flexibility in designing the solution and the great versatility of the warehouse management software tool. That gave us the confidence to hire them.

Saica Pack


Saica Pack, the business division of the Saica Group that produces corrugated cardboard, has implemented an automated storage and automated transport solution at its facilities in Seville in order to increase the stock capacity of its warehouses without relying on external warehouses. The warehouse has been developed alongside ULMA Handling Systems and has a capacity of 7,000 pallets.

"The increase in our customers' demands for service progressively led us to a greater need for stock. To avoid dependence on external warehouses we decided to invest in a storage solution. The only option to reach the desired capacity in the available surface area was to make a high-bay automated warehouse", Saica Pack.

Proposed solution

The solution developed for the Saica Pack production plant located in Seville consists of a self-supporting automated warehouse system that links the production area with the dispatch area, with a height of 30 metres and an automatic transport system.

Once the packaging product has been produced in the production plant, the AGVs are in charge of linking the production area with the warehouse area, and then transporting the material to the self-supporting silo. 

The automated warehouse is managed by four unit load stacker cranes, and thanks to ULMA's shuttle cart (VTD), the transport of dispatches is managed automatically. In addition, work is underway on optimised truck loading thanks to a solution for implementing different product delivery systems.


This new Saica Pack automated warehouse has enabled the company to improve its productivity by optimising the space used to store its finished product, achieving better inventory reliability, reducing loading times and significantly improving the quality of palletisation. In addition, this automation has eliminated manual processes, improving the operation and safety of the workers at the Seville facilities. 

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