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The company has developed a comprehensive automated logistics system in its centre at Les Herbiers, near Nantes. The platform supplies clothing and consumer products to a total of 140 points of sale.


Optimising the preparation of orders, thereby improving productivity and the quality of the operations performed.

Proposed solution

The system comprises a total of 6 Miniload-Fine Stocker stacker cranes, with fixed areas by speciality: a fixed position in the façade for consumer products and 2 fixed positions for Textiles, as well as 3,600 dynamic positions automatically supplied by the stackers.

Most of the articles are stored in containers. The installation has a total storage capacity of 34,000 containers.

Wireless Displays

The picking operators are carried out via the Pick to Light systems placed on the product positions and on the picking carts equipped with wireless displays. This intuitive picking method completely frees the operator from the reading and writing tasks imposed by paper-based methods. The exclusive wireless design means it can be used anywhere in the warehouse without the need for cables or fixed mountings. The picking system used in Systeme U allows maximum flexibility and the displays are fitted instantly anywhere in the warehouse.

The system includes more than 3,600 displays in seven different colours to facilitate creative and flexible operations, allowing multi-operator or multi-order processes simultaneously in the same area.

It optimises the use of space in the warehouse, instantly enabling a put-to-light classification system anywhere. It is an easy-to-carry mobile solution, which can accompany the order throughout the picking process.

The system is controlled by the WMS developed by ULMA Handling Systems and connected in real time to the Système U Ouest management program.



The automated system developed by ULMA Handling Systems is designed to handle 2,000 references for consumer products, at a rate of 5,000 order lines per day, and 7,000 references for clothing items, with the capacity to prepare 22,000 lines of orders a day.

Automatic storage system Picking Cart
Logistic automation
Systeme U - Picking Cart Automatic transport at Systeme U Automated storage at Systeme U Pick To Light at Systeme U

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