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ULMA Handling Systems has signed an important contract for a logistics automation project with the company LUG, a subsidiary of AGROMOUSQUETAIRES, the industrial arm of the French supermarket group INTERMARCHÉ, in order to improve its traceability and customer service.

For us the main attraction is the greater flexibility, precision and control in the automatic order picking system

Stephan Coicault Director of the LUG plant and project


The logistics process at AGROMOUSQUETAIRES is currently entirely manual: all packages are stored by hand and picking is done using printed lists. Following a detailed study, the company decided to take a step forward and use ULMA's automated solution.

Thanks to this, it now has an ultramodern, flexible automated logistics system which can adapt to market demands, new service policies and the latest products. The innovative logistics automation system offered by ULMA will allow Agromousquetaires to select and convey up to 150,000 packages a day.

Proposed solution

LUG has invested 10 million euros in this project. The new, innovative facility designed by ULMA is equipped with a fully automated picking process which can collect 150,000 packages a day. The facility will include 4 layer picking robots, 4 stacker cranes (FSS) and 2 antropomorphic robots for automated collection of individual packages, thus minimising errors during the process, increasing speed and efficiency, and significantly improving traceability and customer service.

The solution also includes an automatic storage system capable of working with up to 10,000 pallets. This innovative system will be made up of 6 stacker cranes (unit load) and an automatic transport system which includes 10 STVs (Sorting Transfer Vehicle).

In order to ensure the reliability of the order picking system, a quality assurance system has been installed for all orders and variable weights samples, known as "automatic package scanning system", which can control 110 packages in just 10 seconds.


Stephan Coicault, Director of the LUG plant and project adds: "For us the main attraction is the greater flexibility, precision and control in the automatic order picking system. It also brings benefits such as improved safety and ergonomics for workers and shorter transfer times".

Depalettisation robot
Unit load stracker crane
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