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CRS Cordillera

The CRS Cordillera de Chile Hospital Centre has a latest-generation automated system for preparing and dispensing medication.


Optimising the quality of the service received by patients, improving precision and guaranteeing the exact traceability of the medications were the main objectives that Hospital CRS Cordillera set itself and that it sought to achieve by implementing the project that ULMA developed.

Proposed solution

The project comprises a vertical carousel and an intuitive Pick to Light System all designed for optimal management of storage and medication order picking and preparation.

The whole project is managed through the IK Health software developed by ULMA, which provides complete control and management of data using simple and natural activities for processing.

IK Health is a multiplatform product that is very powerful as it can be executed from any operating system and can be used for automatic replacements, manual dispatches, location management, preparation of orders using Pick to Light systems, management of user accounts, access control, etc.


By implementing ULMA’S logistical solution, the CRS Cordillera Hospital has made a radical change to its way of understanding logistics, having gone from a manual and decentralised logistical system to a semi-automatic and centralised logistical solution in which the quality of the service is guaranteed.

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