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The Spanish company, a pioneer in cooking and deep-freezing for seafood, entrusts ULMA Handling Systems with designing an order picking and controlled-temperature automatic storage (negative cold) system.

The main benefit the new warehouse gives the company is the ability to grow its activity in the direction it decides

Santiago Navarro Director of Logistics


For Delfín Ultracongelados, the main reason for the new building was to bring together the three facilities previously set apart, thus reducing costs, increasing storage capacity and improving order picking. When planning the construction of its logistics centre, Delfín Ultracongelados opted for an automatic storage system which is capable of operating in conditions of -23º. This type of installation is still relatively uncommon, with ULMA Handling Systems leading the way in its implementation.

Proposed solution

The installation designed by ULMA for Delfín Ultracongelados is set out inside a 30-metre refrigeration silo. The full capacity of the system, equipped with four pallet shuttles, is 7,640 euro-pallets with an operating speed of 100 single movements per hour and 150 compound movements. These conditions result in enormous picking capacity which only requires 6 people.

Before Delfín set up its new plant in Ontígola, it counted on three storage facilities, located in Getafe, Fuenlabrada and Pinto, plus other refrigeration chambers which it had rented in Madrid and other regions around Spain. Internal logistics operations required 25 workers in particularly harsh conditions. Movements inside the chambers were carried out using a truck, which would move around to locate the orders.



Santiago Navarro, Director of Logistics at DELFIN, indicates that the main benefit of the new warehouse is that it allows the company to grow in whatever direction it decides. "We can currently satisfy our entire clientele with just 6 people working on logistics per shift, practically a third of what would be required to work at full capacity" he explains.

Navarro also points to the high level of commitment and effort shown by all members of the team as one of the keys to the success of this new warehouse. "It is largely down to them that this challenge has been a success," he says.


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