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The highly complex logistics system for storage and separation of low-temperature orders were in mid-2017.

As could only be expected, in our strategic planning, innovation is a constant, and this project as a whole is a big step, also for the sector

Darley Ferreira Process and Project Coordinator


ULMA Handling Systems is implementing a full automated warehouse and picking system for Laticínio Scala, manufacturer of cheese, curd cheese and butter under the Scala brand. The automated warehouse was delivered in mid-2017 and installed in the company's first distribution centre in the city of Sacramento, MG.

With extensive know-how in this type of projects and various facilities successfully installed in Europe for companies like Entrepinares (dairy), Oblanca (poultry), Bonduelle (canned and frozen foods), this is ULMA's first project in Brazil for the food industry in a temperature-controlled environment the warehouse temperatures will be between 2°C and 4°C, the picking area between 8°C and 10°C and the dispatch area between 12°C and 14°C.

We decided to carry out the construction and automation of the distribution center for two reasons: the need to free up space in the manufacturing area, where the finished products are currently stored, and to increase storage and picking efficiency“, said Darley Ferreira, Process and Project Coordinator and responsible for the project's development at Laticínio Scala, he also stated that the storage is totally conventional, with pallet locking.

Proposed solution

Besides aiming to improve our logistics processes, our increased presence in the market, around 10% a year, has encouraged us to invest in a solution that could give us logistics control and efficiency, with high standards of quality and freshness for our products", said Ferreira. "As could only be expected, in our strategic planning, innovation is a constant, and this project as a whole is a big step, also for the sector“.

The project includes a high-performance system for automated storage and picking, comprising a warehouse equipped with a Compact System pallet stacker crane (unit load), with capacity for 1,400 pallets. For the picking, the project includes a pick-to-belt order picking system, where the products are picked directly from the pallet and placed on a 15-metre conveyor.

“This picking is guided by luminous pick-to-light displays, automatic labelling machines and a box sorter at the end of the process“, explained Gustavo Cristófaro, ULMA's commercial manager in Brazil. “The sorter will have the capacity to separate 16 thousand boxes a day: the whole operation will be supported by IK-LOG, the warehouse management system developed by ULMA, which will act as an interface with the Scala business management system“.


The professional also highlighted that the reduction of losses at Laticínios Scala is effective thanks to the stock management software, which will be configured for FIFO (first in, first out) and manufacturing batch control, both essential in the industry food.

The distribution center occupies 7,000m2 and provide direct supply to the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Goias. Operating at 70% of its capacity and serving Laticínio Scala until 2021, when it can carry out a new expansion, also in the storage area, including two extra stacker cranes.

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