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WEG, a Brazilian multinational manufacturer of machinery and equipment that operates in the capital goods sector, where it offers solutions in electrical machines, automation and painting, has invested 2.1 million euros in a new distribution centre in Mexico, designed and developed by ULMA Handling Systems. The facilities are for the medium- and low-voltage automation, control boards, generators and motors plant in Mexico City.

We committed to ULMA thanks to its technical knowledge and experience in this type of solutions, and it is indeed the best solution tailored to our business

José Francisco Morales Rodríguez Production Director of Weg Mexico


Automating WEG's Distribution Centre came from the need to manage internal logistics for large moulds for motor manufacturing, as these require large storage spaces and full control of the flow of materials within the warehouse.

Automating its warehouse thus became a priority for WEG, which has increased its results by 32% in the second half of 2020 compared to the same period for the previous year.

"Automation is a priority for WEG because it allows us to reduce operating costs while keeping processes up to date in order to grow our business," says José Francisco Morales Rodríguez, Production Director of Weg Mexico. Furthermore, "We committed to ULMA thanks to its technical knowledge and experience in this type of solutions, and it is indeed the best solution tailored to our business".

WEG reports that the challenge was to have a high capacity automatic warehouse in a minimum space and to guarantee exact control of incoming and outgoing material, always maintaining an optimal position for the moulds, which is critical in subsequent processes.  "This solution keeps the moulds in the right position to be used in later stages of the process," adds Rodríguez.

Proposed solution

ULMA Handling Systems has designed a system to operate a logistics circuit including the production area, vertical mould line, horizontal mould line, and WEG stock.

The automated warehouse is equipped with a double-bottomed pallet unit loader and is connected to the production line.

In turn, WEG has integrated an automatic conveyor system between the central machines and the vertical warehouse, between the vertical moulding machines and the vertical warehouse, and also between the horizontal moulding machines and the vertical warehouse. 


The entire logistics automation system enjoys low energy consumption, optimised available space, and increased production control. It also has a flexible design for future upgrades and to substantially improve operators' working conditions. 

"Our aim is to achieve maximum efficiency in storing and producing moulds, keeping any logistical errors to a minimum. ULMA's extensive experience has been key to us committing to this smart warehouse, as it gave us the reassurance necessary to make the investment," concludes Rodríguez.

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