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ULMA Handling Systems develops Baladi's new fully-automated logistics centre in Israel

 Baladi's new fully-automated logistics centre
ULMA Handling Systems develops Baladi's new fully-automated logistics centre in Israel
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Baladi, Israel's leading food company, will centralise its logistics in a new distribution centre, which will be fully automated thanks to ULMA Handling Systems' intralogistics project

Baladi is one of Israel's largest food companies, having started out in 1916. It counts on a production plant that processes a range of food products for sale. The company is now developing a new fully-centralised, automated distribution centre alongside ULMA Handling Systems, in order to serve the entire country, from Kiryat Shmona in the north to Eilat in the south.

Baladi currently has conventional warehouses distributed all around the country. This new distribution centre will allow it to provide a centralised service for the whole country.

ULMA Handling Systems has designed a comprehensive intralogistics automation project for this new distribution centre, which will receive the food products processed at the production plant. All products will enter the centre via an STV (Sorting Transfer Vehicle) automatic transport system, which will direct the products to the warehouse. It will later have depalletising stations so the goods can be transported to the light warehouse, which will be managed by 12 mini-load stacker cranes. One of the biggest achievements at this warehouse, which will have capacity for more than 35,000 boxes, will be to keep the food products at a controlled temperature of -24ºC.

Baladi distribution centre will then pass over to picking. ULMA will include an ergonomic picking station, ERPAL, at this point, along with a manual station and two IK PAL automatic palletising robots, part of an innovative benchmark system for optimum palletising of any type of load, regardless of its morphology. These will also be the first robots of this type installed anywhere in the country.

Thanks to this comprehensive automation project, Baladi will be able to continue serving its high quality food products to the whole country from its new distribution centre, continuing with its 100-year history.


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