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Stacker Crane
Stacker Crane
Stacker Crane Automatic storage Automated storage. Temperature controlled Automated storage solution
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Maximise productivity ratios, reducing the space and the number of movements with our automated storage system

Innovative solutions adapted to the client’s needs

Our logistics solutions are especially designed for picking logistics systems and automated storage solutions, designed to maximise productivity rates, whilst reducing the number of movements, the transportation work and space occupied in stores.

For refrigerated and frozen installations, we develop automated storage logistics systems and solutions that guarantee that temperatures will be controlled to levels as low as -40ºC, to ensure the product is preserved in the best condition, removing the need for employees to work in uncomfortable conditions, increase productivity in terms of the speed of the movements, all controlled by software, etc.

We have a wide range of options for automated storage systems, such as the Mini Load, Pallet stacker crane, Carousels, Shuttles, satellite systems, curved systems, synchronised systems, etc.


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Logistics dedicated to product quality

ULMA Handling Systems has developed an automatic system for the company Quesos Entrepinares, allowing it to manage the traceability of its cheeses from production output through to the end consumer. The system includes the complete automation of the cheese drying and ageing process. Entrepinares is the intersupplier for Mercadona and produces 45 million kilos of cheese per year and a product range of 90 different items.

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Stacker cranes


Logistical automation opens new service horizons for CONSUM

Thanks to the logistical engineering solutions offered by ULMA Handling Systems, the distribution cooperative has been able to create new automatic systems in its platforms in Valencia and Murcia, and it will be creating a new one for its platform in Barcelona soon. The new systems have improved their processes and raised the quality standards in all the services provided by the shops, all in a context of maximum productivity and minimum errors.

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Automatic solution


The aroma of a good logistical system

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Picking System


When logistics supports fashion

ULMA Handling Systems has created for the fashion chain Skunkfunk a new picking/classification system, based on pick/put to light elements.

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Automated storage


Automation of the storage system

Columbia, the well-known American manufacturer of sports clothing, gear and footwear for outdoor sports (skiing, mountaineering, trekking, etc) has a comprehensive automated logistics system, set up in the French commune of Cambrai.

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Stacker crain


Automated logistics in the leading paints producer in the Iberian Peninsula

Tintas CIN has entrusted the automation of its distribution centre, with the purpose of concentrating its entire logistical network and improve its productivity rates, to ULMA Handling Systems.

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ULMA gives FUDIKE flexibility and simplicity

FUDIKE, a steel casting company that produces parts for industrial equipment manufacturers, puts its trust in ULMA Handling Systems for a logistic solution that combines simplicity and flexibility.

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Order picking



FUJIFILM, one of the leaders in the sector of conventional and digital photography, trust ULMA Handling Systems to modernize its facilities in Barcelona by a complete reorganization of its internal logistics.

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