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Picking system
Picking system
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Efficiency and productivity in picking systems

Speed, effectiveness, flexibility…guarantees of success

Picking systems are a decisive factor for the competitiveness of a company, which means that precision and speed of service is paramount for fulfilling the client’s requirements, independenty of the size and weight of the order that must be picked.

Consequently, innovation is the key element for developing flexible and efficient systems that guarantee control over the whole process and the possibility of processing information online.

At ULMA we have our own complete picking system model designed for Automated Distribution and Production solutions (DA/FA) designed for small, medium and large companies.

In respect of technologies that are becoming increasingly common in picking system solutions, we highlight: automated picking systems (robots) pick to light systems or automated sequencing and buffering systems (SQS, FSS, etc).


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A groundbreaking automated logistics system in the clothing sector

ULMA has developed an innovative automatic storage and picking system for the clothing firm Brandili, making the company a benchmark for the clothing industry thanks to its efficient logistics.

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Logistic automation


Automating to increase competitiveness

Grupo AC Marca, a manufacturer of consumer goods with brands as well known as Norit or Gior, entrusted the logistics automation project for its new production plant to ULMA Handling Systems, whose solution was an optimal option for improving competitiveness.

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DBG Logística

When automation becomes part of the business model

The logistics operator adopted automation from the moment it started its activities, and it did so with the assistance of ULMA Handling Systems, whose role was decisive in the whole business consultancy and systems engineering processes.

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Hospital de la Florida


Chile now has its first hospital with a fully automated supply chain

The “La Florida” Hospital (Santiago de Chile) has a comprehensive automatic storage and picking system, designed by ULMA, which is a pioneer in Chile.

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E-KANBAN: Always online, always in real time

ORKLI and ULMA have designed an optimal solution for real-time production and logistics.

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Automated logistics in the leading paints producer in the Iberian Peninsula

Tintas CIN has entrusted the automation of its distribution centre, with the purpose of concentrating its entire logistical network and improve its productivity rates, to ULMA Handling Systems.

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Pick to Light


Reorganisation of pharmaceutical product internal logistics

The Pharmaceutical company overhauls its logistics model to meet the new demands of the market.

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Davasa - Supply Chain Software- WMS


Grupo Davasa puts its trust in ULMA’S WMS for its many logistical centres

Grupo DAVASA’S business consists of the distribution of products to the automotive sector, industrial supplies and home supplies, and it has more than 30 offices throughout Spain and Portugal, which allow it to offer a broad scope in access to the market.

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